Simon Says by A. A.

Everything was in confusion in the house – the incessant scolding had been lasting not for the first hour. Mother’s voice was heard not only by neighbors but also by neighbors’ neighbors.

“Why didn’t you clean up your room?”

“Why haven’t you done your homework yet?”

“Why do you always like that?”


Her son had been standing with his head down and had been looking at the floor with a bored look. He thought that today he would no longer be able to calmly watch cartoons or play video games.

“Honey, say something,” She turned to the father of the family, but he only sighed in response and shrugged. He thought that today he would no longer be able to calmly watch films or play video games.

“I think we should send our son to that camp. My friend told me about that place – it is a free camp for naughty children. Instead of paying, we will take a child from the orphanage for a week so that they can be happy at least for such a short time.”

So, everything was decided. The son was sent to a children’s correctional camp, and on the same morning, a boy from the orphanage was brought to their house. He was no different from their own son – he only had a sad look, but it is not surprising.

“You are nothing but skin and bone, my child! Come on, I baked a chicken, and I also made cookies and a cake, and…”

A whole week has passed like that. The Mother managed to go with the child to the cinema, an aqua park, an amusement park, and even go through almost all the shops in the city and buy him presents — some clothes and toys, among which he especially loved the big teddy bear. But…

“I… I think I lost my bear… I’m so sorry, mommy.”

The toy was expensive, but the woman’s heart melted when the orphan boy called her “mother” so she did not even think to be angry. They could not find the loss, so they went to the same toy store again.

Approaching the checkout, she noticed another mother with a child.

– Mommy, mommy, can we get a black car instead of a red one?

Smiling, she had already thought that the boy was so charming in his behavior but then realized that she was standing in front of her own son.