Tell Me Who Your Friends Are by Polina K.

One day two brave lions decided to attack a zebra. They knew that zebras were weak and cowardly animals and it would be so easy to catch and eat one.  Lions thought that it would be a great idea to create a detailed plan of the hunt that would result in a successful capture of the animal. 

At first, they tried just to attack a zebra. They stalked her, and while Zebra was drinking water they rushed to her and tried to bite her but something went wrong and Zebra ran away. Lions missed a chance to have a big lunch.

It soon occurred to Lions that the best way to catch something is to pretend to be that thing. The hungry hunters thought that if they tried to blend in with the herd, the hoofed animals would trust Lions who behaved just like innocent herbivores, and they would never expect anything nasty from them.  

Firstly, Lions started to watch zebras and study their behavior. And Lions were pretty good at it. They were even eating grass without flinching. With some time, they did not realize that they started to enjoy a peaceful life, without any blood and victims. Lions were too good at being zebras and wanted to have a true friendship with them. They were not really successful because the zebras did not believe them and were still trying to avoid them. Somehow the zebras had this strange notion that lions are not very good friends for zebras and it is a bad idea for zebras to be friends with such a scary predator.

Lions were despondent. These ominous carnivores could hardly imagine that if they once tried such lifestyle they would become vegetarians. Lions did not know they would like it and now they wanted zebras not to be afraid of them, but they did not know how to show them that they were not their enemies.

Meanwhile, two other lions were also very hungry when suddenly they saw a big herd of zebras. “Finally, a great feast to overcome our hunger!” thought the two lions. 

The New-Zebras were grazing when they noticed the other two lions sneaking up to the herd. One looked particularly frightening, and the other had a huge amount of scars covering his whole body.  The Vegetarian Lions could not let them eat their new friends and at the moment when The Frightening Lion rushed to the herd and was ready to jump and grab one of the zebras, The New- Zebra jumped right on his back and sank his teeth into him. The other Vegetarian Lion stood in front of the zebras and roared loudly. They protected the zebras and said to the bruised, scary Lions that these zebras would be in safety from now on.

The fearsome Lions went away hungry and the zebras were so very thankful to their new friends who saved them from imminent death. They accepted Lions in their community and they all lived very happily together.