Use Paints but Write Feelings by Anna L.

Paints are splashes of emotions of a real artist. Brushes are his hands. Pictures are his inner world and fantasy…

For 30 years I have been a famous artist. I am successful, and my paintings are in every modern museum. I have a loving wife and three children. I have everything that everyone can dream of.

The year was 1970. I was a poor guy who went to art college. I had nothing. My paintings were primitive. Hardly ever anyone liked them, and I began to think, “Maybe, painting is not for me? Perhaps, I should try another art…Music? I was not happy about anything.

One day I was returning home after my lessons. I saw a man sitting at the embankment and painting something. He had curly, shoulder-length hair, a long straight nose, an expressive face. He was wearing dark glasses. I decided to come closer and see what he was painting. This might seem strange, but he hadn’t painted nature. I could not understand what was depicted on his paper, so I asked, “Sorry, sir. What are you painting?” “Life,” came his answer. Still not understanding, I came closer. That’s when I found this man to be blind…

A shock. I didn’t know what to say. And then he continued, “I paint life, my son. A beautiful and bright life. I’m happy I can paint. I see nothing with my eyes but I see with my heart. Live today, NOW, and appreciate what you have. Even when the sun doesn’t look at you, have hope that it will look out of the clouds and look at you at least once more.”

We talked for a long time. Then I took him to his house, and when I returned home I took the brush into my hand again and began to add one brush stroke after another…


I have been painting every day for 30 years. I deeply enjoy my life. My pictures have made sense because I became a different person. I began to appreciate life, and even in cloudy weather, the SUN always smiles on me. 

(illustration by the author)