Sweet Waiting by Aleksiya T.

It was a usual day, which wasn’t different from previous ones, it was supposed to be nice day. I got up, cleaned my teeth, then made some snacks, drank this awful coffee with nutty taste, I wish I had bought my favorite one yesterday, following that,  I went to my workplace. I was supposed to get paid, and my two-week vacation was supposed to start the day after today.

Everything was quite the same on my way to the work. Forgot to say, I had been working at the shop of Fire-fighting goods and services for many years. Have you ever visited these shops? Yeah, I also wouldn’t visit such stores, if it wasn’t my job to sell those goods.

I came to the shop. The first thing I noticed was a newspaper which was lying lonely near the waste bin, apparently Joe, my workmate, hadn’t reached the litter-bin again. «Citizens began to litter less!» – said the headline of the newspaper. Yes, it seemed so.

My workmate, who always got on my nerves, decided to organize a day off for me, I was surprised a lot about this treat. I asked him about the purpose of such an event?
He said I would deserve it after spending a lot of time attaching a new sign for our store, he argued that I was the best at it. However, my boss approved my vacation and salary was given to me. Nothing could ruin that perfect day!

So, I was going to deal with the new sign, when I found out that I hadn’t got enough tools for that, honestly, I hadn’t found any! My boss gave me brilliant advice – to buy new ones, he would return money to me in three days for them. I had to pay from my salary. There were so many things to buy that I spent all the money.

Finally, I started to attach our sign at the top of the shop. It was bright and beautiful and attracted a lot of attention. In ten minutes everything was done. I was proud of myself and excited about coming double-week vacation. I went to my boss’s office to show him the result. We were walking outside talking to each other, and suddenly I smelled a strange «aroma». Then, the following phrase of a passer-by plunged me into horror and despair:

– Unbelievable! The shop of fire-fighting goods and services is on fire!

Eventually, my boss said I had to work for some time to reconstruct the sign:
– I remember I have promised you to repay your money back, but now we need to buy other goods for reconstruction. I’ll pay you later, Sam.

It was the first of April. The day, when I lost my salary and long-awaited vacation in an instant. It meant that I had no money to buy my favorite coffee, instead of nasty nutty taste and I couldn’t spend my time in the bed reading the fancied book «Irony of fate».

By the way, my name is Sam and I work at the shop of fire-fighting goods, which, as it turned out, aren’t that fireproof.