The Best Birthday Gift by Julia B.

One day, my sister and I sat in the kitchen about a very important issue. We needed to come up with the best birthday present for our father. The task was not simple and that’s why we had to eat a whole basket of sweets before the idea came to us. Nevertheless, let’s go in order.

On Tuesday, our aunt came to visit us and announced that she had found the best present in the world for her favorite brother. Mother reacted calmly and even smiled slightly but Eva and I frowned like bulls. And I didn’t even know what upset us more – the fact that Aunt had found a wonderful gift for our father or the fact that we forgot about his birthday (but we pretended that we, of course, remember about this day). Assuring Aunt that Father would like our gift much more, Eva and I were lost in our thoughts. It is much easier to give presents to Mother: wash the dishes, clean the floors, and come without an “F” from school, all of these things are my part of the present. As for Eva’s part, she bakes a pie or something like that. It usually turns out “something like that”, however Mother eats raw dough with big pleasure. I don’t know why maybe, in fact, she always likes to eat raw dough but not to upset us she bakes cakes in the right way. Then my inner monologue was interrupted by Eva’s voice, “Can we give socks and a tie?”

The Idea was not bad, but then I suddenly realized that our father has a whole box of socks and ties which we had already given to him. Some of them were really beautiful – with cowboys, spaceships, parrots, tigers, and other awesome pictures but for some reason Father never wore them.  Probably, he was terribly afraid to spoil them and therefore kept them as precious souvenirs.

Then there was the idea to buy a new fishing rod to Father, which he had long dreamed of but when my sister and I went to the nearest store and found out the prices, we decided that our father understands in this matter much better than us, and therefore he must buy a fishing rod by himself.

Finally, I remembered that Father always likes to invent and build something for the house. I immediately told Eva about it and after half an hour, we went to the store to buy some boards, bolts, and varnish. Of course, we borrowed money from Father, because two pupils could not afford such a purchase.

So, the next three days we worked hard on our gift. When we finally finished, Eva said, “Well, well, Max! We did a great job with you! No father in the world has a gift like that!”

And that was true, not a single father had an automatic apparatus for ironing trousers. But the most important thing was that our device was very easy to use! You put your wet trousers between the boards in the evening, bolt up the boards and go to bed, and in the morning you take them out of the apparatus and the trousers are ironed and look as if you just brought them from the store.

By the way, we tried our device on my jeans. Probably, Eva and I had strongly moistened them since, in the morning, they were still wet, but there were no folds, and this is the result!

Father really liked our gift. What can we say, the set of fisherman which Aunt gave, couldn’t compare with our apparatus! And Father had to admit it three times before my sister and I calmed down.

Father used our device for a whole week. Every evening, Eva and I made sure that he did not forget to put his trousers in the apparatus. And he put and sighed. My sister and I think it was from admiration, of course.

However, after returning home, one evening, we noticed that the device was gone. To which our father replied that he had taken it to the technology museum so that other people could admire the invention, too.

“Father, but don’t you feel sorry?” I asked him, but for some reason he did not answer and sighed again, he probably missed our apparatus very much. So, my sister and I decided to make and present a new one for his next birthday!